Traditional slating roofing, as well as tiling and lead work.

Housing developments, schools, hospitals, refurbishment and conservation projects.


Metal sheet roof and wall cladding installations, single ply membranes and liquid applied weatherings.

Commercial premises, schools, hospitals, hotels, shopping centres, rail and infrastructure projects.

Hard Metal

Site-fabricated metal claddings in copper, zinc, aluminium and stainless steel.

Traditional and modern applications to commercial premises, residential developments, public buildings, schools and hospitals.


Rainscreen and cladding systems.

Principal Contractor.

Flat Roofs

Hot melt, Asphalt, Single ply, Green roofs, Brown roofs, Blue roofs, Glazing


Undertaking of the whole roofing package.


Single Solution.


Projects carried out with traditional materials and workmanship to buildings which have a historic value. Richardson Roofing is listed on The National Heritage Roofing Register which is part of an initiative to promote understanding and training in heritage Roofing, giving assurance to the owners of heritage buildings.


Any of the types of installations described in other sections.

Available outside the UK