Richardson Roofing is a multi-disciplined building envelope commercial industrial roofing contractor, able to take projects from an outline design concept through to a finished installation constructed to the highest standards.

As one of the foremost craft skilled companies specialising in traditional and modern commercial industrial roofing techniques, we offer in depth experience of dealing with both large and small contracts across the UK and within the international market.

Richardson Roofing stands out as a contractor because of our ability to not only deliver the whole envelope of a project, but also for our wealth of retained experience and knowledge.

During our many years of extensive operation we have gained a vast understanding of the roofing industry including complex roofing techniques and skills which have been refined, sharpened and shared within the company. At Richardson Roofing we have twenty key members of staff serving individually in excess of twenty-five years!

About Richardson Roofing Commercial Roofing Contractor


  • 1. Office

    Company operations are managed from the head office located in Staines upon Thames. This is where the majority of the fifty permanent office staff are based. Workshop and storage facilities are sited adjacent to the Staines office. In addition to our head office, we also have a dedicated team of draughtsman located in our Darlington office.

  • 2. Departments

    In order to maximise efficiency Richardson Roofing is structured by different departments in relation to the different disciplines that we operate in, the reason being that we have a team of specialists within each field working diligently to deliver the finished project to the highest quality possible.

    Each department boasts specialists dedicated to their field of expertise who work cohesively to ensure the utmost success of each project.

  • 3. Design

    This department is comprised of highly skilled draughtsmen and roof installation experts who provide key technical drawings and advice on structural design. Our design and technical consultation service is carried out from our head office in Staines as well as our offices in Darlington and the Isle of Wight.

    These companies are all under the Richardson banner and have access to drawing office services and to specialist fabrication facilities. As a result, Richardson Roofing is regularly asked to construct mock-up installations for appearance, weather, fire and acoustic assessment.

  • 4. Joinery Workshop

    This is rather unique to Richardson Roofing. Not many commercial industrial roofing contractors are equipped with their own onsite carpentry and joinery facilities. This department is located at our head office in Staines where we have a permanent on site joiner.

    The joinery workshop is equipped with the necessary heavy machinery to construct a wide array of products. Giving us greater control over the quality of what is being produced, which is hugely beneficial to our clients. Resulting in our joinery department enables us to create bespoke designs to suit any specific requirement. Our clients greatly appreciate that they do not need to source yet another subcontractor for this type of work.

  • 5. Estimating

    All our main contractors are supported by the estimating department with the reliable return of detailed and accurate tenders. Additionally, the estimators contribute to the technical consultation service by giving budget and value engineering advice where required. If needed our skilled team are able to provide on-site visits for further consultation.

  • 6. Project Management

    We manage secured projects either by permanently site-based managers or by visiting contract managers. Each site in operation under Richardson Roofing has a full-time SMSTS (Site Management Safety Training Scheme) operative. Support services for the front line managers are provided from the Head Office. Our dedicated team includes document administrators, procurement managers, surveyors and ancillary staff.

  • 7. Health and Safety

    Our in house Health and Safety department reviews every project and produces risk assessments. As well as method statements, together with operation and maintenance documentation. The company accident record and the National Awards both highlight how this department regularly receives its evidence of the seriousness with which this aspect of our business is viewed by all personnel.

  • 8. Tradesmen

    The collective experience of one hundred and fifty plus tradesmen employed across the different trading companies is seen by Richardson Roofing as its most highly prized asset. The tradesmen on site, coupled with our in-house team collaboration, is a major contributor to the successful execution of the work that the companies undertake.