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Cladding internal areas of a railway station can pose a challenge for architects, contractors and façade manufacturers, as the panels are often exposed to extremely harsh environments, which can include excess noise and air pollution, vibration and movement, higher levels of wear and tear and a greater risk of vandalism and theft. As such, Proteus HR was specified for West Ealing Station as it was extremely important to the client and architects that the chosen system was both light in weight, to reduce weight-loadings on the structure, but could also offer high levels of strength and durability, aesthetics and the ability to be easily maintained. Applying the Rimex material into the Proteus HR panel system provides a robust rainscreen panel for this unique environment. A Canvas pattern was chosen as this design helps to reduce any visual imperfections in the façade should denting or other wear and tear occur. When this station is expected to welcome a train every five minutes during peak times, this is highly probable; especially on panels installed on the facades of stairways, at ground level, across platform waiting areas and in other high footfall locations. Keeping the aesthetics flowing across the rail network, a Rimex finish was also specified to complement the design of the panels featuring on other stations currently undergoing complete refurbishments across the new Elizabeth line, which is situated along the Western side of the external Crossrail route.

Proteus HR is a modular rainscreen system that offers a smooth façade with recessed joints. The panels have a lightweight aluminium honeycomb core structurally bonded between two thin gauges of metal. This core enables a thinner gauge material to be specified, whilst still achieving an optically flat face, keeping the façade within budgetary expectations. The lightweight nature of this rainscreen system minimises weight loadings on the underlying structure whilst achieving strength and rigidity.

The panels are fixed in place using a unique system of aluminium carriers and ancillary components; designed and manufactured by Proteus Facades. This alongside the simple but eye-catching design, allows for individual panels to be removed and if required replaced easily, efficiently and in as little time as possible. A factor that Proteus Facades took into careful consideration during fabrication, as facilities management and maintenance must be carried out efficiently and over a short period of time to reduce disruption to commuters and workers