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Morley House is a Grade II listed building. Therefore, all materials had to be in keeping with the original building, surrounding buildings and keep a traditional style. As this project was a renovation, we had to keep the integrity of the building which meant original materials were restored to the most part, with slight alterations where deemed necessary.
The works comprised of the design, supply and installation of Westmoreland Random slates (20″ to 12″) to mansard roof coverings including lead coverings to gutters, dormers, cappings and features. Vertical slate coverings to the penthouse wall. PPC Capping to top of penthouse wall. Downpipes to the penthouse roof. Inverted Green roof coverings including hot melt roofing system to 7th floor main roof, Single ply roofing to penthouse roof and 1st floor roof. Hot melt roofing with standard pavings to main Plant room roof and 7th, 6th and 4th floor terraces. Glazed Rooflights, Mansafe systems. Asphalt coverings to 1st floor cornice. Downpipes to East elevation. All Lead Fluted demi luminiere hip and fascia mouldings and parapet details were in sand cast lead (code 6). Both inverted and standard dormers in addition to the Oriel windows were formed in code 6 lead.
The skill of our workmanship was retaining the existing façade as it had to match the adjacent property for heritage purposes. The Ribbon & Reed Mouldings Code 8 sand Cast Lead was formed very carefully with a Brake Press and by hand to delicately form the shape required. Then Stainless-Steel Brackets were welded into the castings so the mouldings could be slipped on preventing visible signs of fixing on site. This prefabrication method was not only faster as adverse weather conditions were not suffered in the workshop, but it also aided in creating a more refined look. All Lead Fluted demi luminaire hip and fascia mouldings were formed in sand cast lead (code 6).