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High level roof was an aluminium standing seam roof with an ARS finish on thermally broken halter fixed to a structural deck.  Due to the roof being over a Cinema, layers of CP and insulation were used to add mass to help with the weighted sound reduction and achieve the desired acoustic levels.  To the perimeter internal parapet, composite panels were installed.  A composite membrane metal lined gutter was fitted to the eaves in a colour to match the roof sheets.  Any service penetrations through the roof were weathered with fully site welded soakers.  A mansafe system, alongside a GRP walkway in a contrasting colour to the roof sheet were both clamped to the roof seams.

An inverted hotmelt waterproofing system with paving was installed to the to the level 6, level 4, plant area roof and the core roof.

Access ladders where installed to provide access from the plant areas up to the main roof for routine maintenance.

Around two sides of the level 4 plant area a plant corridor was cladding with aluminium standing seam as the high-level roof and drained with a trimline gutter with PPC aluminium RWP’s.  The walls were clad with composite panels.

Inverted hotmelt waterproofing system with green roof to the to the level 2 retail unit roof areas.  This roof abutted a castellated elevation on an existing office block.  The area required site measuring to design a suitable interface detail.  A structural steel frame was installed and clad with a louvre screen including a louvre access door to mask the AHU’s from retail areas.

The roof areas were drained via a syphonic drainage system to maximise the internal clear space my having minimal down pipes.


The primary structural steel frame was provided by the contractor.  Full design and installation of the cold rolled cladding rails, along with any secondary and tertiary steelwork any was undertaken.

The rails were cladding with a similar construction to the main roof of aluminium standing seam sheet with an ARS finish on thermally broken halter fixed through a liner sheet to the rails.  A layer of CP and insulation were used to add mass to help with the weighted sound reduction and achieve the desired acoustic levels of the Cinema.    The wall sheets were 3 varying colours and were installed in a random pattern as agreed with the design team.  Also located at random positions along all elevations was a polished stainless steel tray with integrated LED light was clamped to the standing seam of the aluminium sheets. To the signage areas a flat black PPC aluminium panel was installed to the same substrate as the standing seam sheets.  Over this the retails signs were installed.

The level 4 & 7 plant area, & core walls were clad with composite panels with a series of performance ventilation louvres installed.

A back PPC aluminium feature channel was installed to provide the transition between the brickwork and base of the cladding at low level and A PPC aluminium coping was installed over all of the parapets.