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The prestigious National Lawn Tennis Association centre existing roof had extreme design and installation failures causing leaks throughout the main building. It required re-stripping of the existing roof and a completely new installation and careful redesign of Zinc, sarnafil and substrate. Through a detailed review by our technical director and in-house design team we made the necessary decision to change part of the roof to single ply where standing seam was not suitable. In summary the design was improved by introducing a vented air path, with a single ply membrane used in areas of the roof that were too shallow for zinc. We had to complete all works without a temporary roof in a fully operational building that was part open to the public. Temporary waterproofing tightness was achieved using very large EPDM rubber sheets, we learned that if secured and installed correctly you are able to stop 95% of the ingress of water. The cost savings to the client was huge due to the fact substantial scaffolding and temporary costs were avoided. It is worth noting that we recycled the existing rockwool insulation and zinc covering, saving the client additional money and exceeding sustainability expectations. Richardson Roofing were awarded as a finalist in the National Federation of Roofing Contractors 2018 Fully supported metal category for our work on the LTA.