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The Garden Museum was designed in order to protect an abandoned church and its garden, the museum overlooks the iconic Houses of Parliament and River Thames. The building itself is the oldest structure in the London borough of Lambeth.  Richardson Roofing helped aid the regeneration of Lambeth palace giving life to an old historic landmark.

The pavilions are clad in bespoke bronze shingles that were designed in house. The interlocking bronze shingles have concealed fixings and have been folded at the edges for strength. All the shingles have been wrapped tightly around the façade to give a clear and crisp outline finish. In addition to this Richardson’s design department created mechanical extract vents which were integrated into the cladding shingles by creating custom bronze cowls which protrude outwards. The architect wanted an illusion of all equal full width shingles, this was rather complex given that there was a lot of protrusions on site, however our design team was able to ingeniously create a false illusion of this. Each elevation had a non divisible width and random non modular window openings. Therefore this illusion of equal full width shingles was only achievable by introducing 78 numbered bespoke different width shingles.

Photo accreditation: Anthony Coleman