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Proteus Facades developed a bespoke stamped aluminium profile fabricated from a standard blank sheet into a four-way, three-dimensional rhombus configuration for installation on a new café-bar along the new Greenwich P5K development.
The lightweight but robust nature of the aluminium also meant the material was suitable for fabrication of shutters (used as a serving hatch) that blends in with the façade once closed, both enhancing the aesthetics and subtlety of the café-bar. The shutters were installed to allow full integration of the cladding across access and public amenity facilities. Specially adapted profiles were developed for this section to allow the installation of opening and closing mechanisms on the shutter and to ensure they worked correctly, whilst still creating seamless aesthetics along the exterior.
The three-dimensional rhombus aluminium profiles fabricated for the new café bar at P5K were completely bespoke and therefore involved the development and trialling of multiple production processes, prior to specifying the stamping method as the preferred option. This was chosen as it provided a consistent and guaranteed profile and finish.
What can’t be seen from the images is that although only one stamp was produced, the project required a number of panel types to allow suitable connections. The innovative, yet simple solution was to develop a multi positioned holes and slots design within the return edges of the profile, which reduced the stamping dies from four to one and in turn lessened the production time and costs for the client.